The science
of protection.

Advanced Material solutions for extremely demanding industrial applications and environments.

diamorph-permali routing-1000x1000_heat factory
diamorph-permali factory-1000x1000_heat factory

The group

The science of protection.

We use our deep advanced material knowledge to develop solutions giving peace of mind across a diverse range of industries.

Our brands

Our brands represent high quality materials who have proven reliability in extremely demanding environments.


We are active in a wide variety of sectors; from rail and construction to defence, marine and fire protection.

What we stand for

Our values are at the heart of our business, driving everything we do for our customers, colleagues & products.


Diamorph uses its unique materials science knowledge and experience to create innovative and unique market leading solutions.

Our brands

Proven reliability and performance over a life-time

We use our deep materials science knowledge in our chosen technologies, to make products that provide protection in a wide range of safety critical or high cost of failure activities.