Tenmat’s Ferosafe Lock Box

With recent advancements in battery technology and lithium-ion batteries, new possibilities in the power tool market have emerged. Amongst these, has been the introduction of cordless angle grinders, offering functionality and portability previously not existing with conventional mains powered angle grinders.

However, alongside the rise of cordless angle grinders, there have been notable increases in the number of crimes and thefts where angle grinders are used, with thieves capitalising on the benefits of cordless technology.

At Tenmat, we have worked hard to adapt and innovate our material science in order to match this rise in angle grinder crime. Through this process, we have created our very own shipping and storage container lock box – The Ferosafe Lock Box.

 The Ferosafe Lock Box

If you are looking for a lock box that will provide exceptional levels of resistance against both carbide drills and angle grinders during any potential theft, think the Ferosafe Lock Box.

The most secure lock box on the market, it has the capability to resist and withstand more than 10 grinding discs and a full battery worth of angle grinder attacks, all without exposing the padlock, which is only accessible from below.

The lock box has been specifically designed for long life, even when exposed to the elements. Constructed from powder-coated steel, it provides exceptional resistance to weathering.

Ferosafe Lock Box – Key Stats

  • Ferosafe Anti-Cutting Technology
  • Resists an angle grinder attack of more than 10 grinding discs and one battery
  • Can be retrofitted, left or right-hand fitting.
  • Galvanised steel and powder coating provides weather protection
  • Drill template and bolts included for quick and easy fitting

Who can benefit from a Ferosafe Lock Box?

The nature of the Ferosafe Lock Box means that it can provide protection across a wide range of industries, where containers are present, including:

  • Self-storage sites
  • On-site Storage containers
  • Cargo
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