Tenmat Now Part Of The Association Of Brickwork Contractors (ABC)

Tenmat now part of the Association of Brickwork Contractors (ABC)

The Association of Brickwork Contractors (ABC) is a Trade Body representing the largest Specialist Brickwork Contractors across the UK.

Their core focus is to protect and support the role of the Bricklayer, and to equally sustain the influence that the Brickwork Contractor has at the design and build stages of construction including; Health & Safety, Employment, Training & Assessment, and Quality Assurance.

We are delighted to become a member so that we can ensure all jobs are completed, in the manner in which is required, to build the Nations houses and the most prestigious brickwork jobs in the UK.

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Understanding the competitive environment of contracting, The Association of Brickwork Contractors, provides a non-bias platform for Specialist Brickwork Contractors to come together, discuss their sector, and to drive requirements forward.

The Association of Brickwork Contractors also has a training centre which offers accredited training courses to Bricklayers across the country. Training courses range from Installing Fire Barriers & Fire Safety, Brick Soffit Systems and Support Systems to Cold Weather Working and Forming Cavities and the Correct Installation of Wall Ties.


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