We have long been the leader in asbestos-free and refractory ceramic fibre-free materials for safety-critical applications in metal production, glass production and switchgear, where our materials are used as thermal or electrical insulators.

In aluminium smelters our high temperature cement composites are used as superstructure and bus bar insulators in pot rooms and our Firefly millboards as secondary insulation in ladles and as gaskets in contact with molten aluminium. In steel mills and foundries our Firefly millboard materials are normally used as splash guards, heat shields, secondary insulation and gaskets in contact with molten steel whilst the high temperature cement boards are used in and around induction furnaces.

In switchgear applications our cement boards, Refraver and Arclex materials are used as high power and high temperature electrical insulation in circuit breakers, such as those found in railway, nuclear power plants and steelmills. We supply new build breakers and also have the capability of removing asbestos parts in old equipment and replacing them with our high performing asbestos-free options.


High Temperature Cement Boards