Press Release 5/12/2022

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., May 13, 2022 ( – Why did the recent coastal fire burn $5M-$10 million homes that were supposed to be built with the highest fire standards?

Kelly Berkompas has a simple answer that many homeowners may not be aware of: “They all had vulnerable openings that provided a straight path for embers into the home…the attic vents.” These vents act like open windows during a fire. As evidenced during the May 11th Coastal Fire, these homes had fire-resistant siding and roofing as well as brush clearance. It was clear from the aerial footage, that every one of these homes ignited from inside the attic due to embers blowing in through the vents. According to Berkompas, multiple after-action fire reports, and the NIST, “these specks of burning debris can glide for up to 24 miles before landing and can cause up to 90% of home and business fires during wildfires.”.

Kelly would like homeowners to know that there is an easy solution: “Retrofitting traditional unsafe attic vents with innovative ember stopping ones by Brandguard Vents will keep the embers and flames out of their homes.” It’s the final and most important step needed for most homes these days.

Brandguard Vents will help coordinate the retrofit process from beginning to end for homeowners, HOA’s, and businesses. “The vent swap is very easy and doesn’t take more than a day or two to complete installation,” says Kelly. Retrofitting with fire and ember safe vents is cost-effective and meets both Insurance requirements as well as new escrow requirements when selling a home in a High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.

Founded in 2003, Brandguard is the only vent with patented overlapping baffle protection and the only one invented by a firefighter who understands how to keep homes safe. For more information, you can call 949-516-9122, email or visit us at

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