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Diamorph Wear Components is a composite material where Tungsten Carbide is joined to weldable steel. This component can be attached using all commonly used welding techniques, which eliminates the possibility of weak brazing joints arising from traditional brazing practices. Diamorph Wear Components contain Cemented Tungsten Carbide, which is 3-5 times harder than conventional quenched abrasion resistant steel and one of the world's hardest materials. Our precise production method also allows for an optimized balanced between hardness and toughness tailored for different industrial applications.


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Wear Resistant


Diamorph Wear Components are weldable. This means that there is no need for brazing; a common cause of carbides falling off resulting from weak braze joints.

Diamorph Wear Components are extremely wear resistant. The use of Cemented Tungsten Carbides in our components offer an extraordinary resistance to abrasion, which means longer wear life and less machine downtime.

Used in the most demanding industrial applications such as crushing, shredding and tunnel boring, Diamorph Wear Components have unprecedented toughness and durability.







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