Diamorph produces the world's longest ceramic rollers for use in production of tiles, flat-screen monitors, facades and wear linings. The rollers' unique length in combination with a leading stiffness ensures a higher output of plane and large-surface tiles. For more information, please visit the website of Diamorph's subsidiary, Diamorph HOB CerTec.

Diamorph produces rollers for the various applications:

  • Specialroll for preheating and cooling zones
  • Superroll for firing zone
  • Superroll H for large and thick tiles
  • Hyperroll for corrosive environments, high temperature and loads
  • Hyperroll Dense Nano for prekiln and preheating zones
  • Superringroll for improved quality in rapid cooling zone
  • Correctorroll for bringing arc-like running tiles in line before firing zone


Key Features:

Rollers for All Areas of the Kiln

Diamorph  is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer a complete range of roller materials and designs for the best solutions in the tile industry. Diamorph rollers cover all the zones in a kiln from preheating to cooling.



Capable of Higher Loads

The bending strength is up to 45% higher than competing rollers. This means that Diamorph's rollers are capable of higher loads without deforming, ultimately leading to the possibility of producing larger tiles while maintaining flatness.

Uniform Cooling - Higher Output

The Superringroll vastly improves the quality of the tile production by creating a greater uniformity of cooling temperature in the rapid cooling zone. The design enables less contact area between rollers and tiles which loads to higher output of first rate products.


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