Aerospace Components

The global aviation industry utilises materials which are subjected to demanding conditions such as extreme temperature variations and high mechanical stresses.
The components are designed to perform under extreme conditions, such as extreme heat, cold and under high stress loads, while being as light as possible - making them ideal for the aerospace industry.


Key Features:

Suitable for Extreme Conditions

The components developed are designed to work under the extreme conditions that occur in flying structures. These include extreme heat, cold and high stress loads.



Tailored Microstructure

The aerospace industry has high demands on material properties. Through a precise control over the production process, Diamorph has the capability to closely tailor material microstructures to meet the needs from the industry.

Development Customer

The Aeronautics business within Saab is one of Europe’s leading aerospace suppliers with solutions ranging from unmanned aerial systems to the Gripen fighter aircraft. Saab and Diamorph have identified further applications of Diamorph’s unique technology and are looking towards extending cooperations.

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