Functionally Graded Materials

A Functionally Graded Material (FGM), is characterized by a gradual change in material properties over volume. It is an anisotropic composite material where a material gradient has been deliberately introduced over two different materials. The gradient can for example be in composition and/or in microstructure. By applying this concept, materials like ceramics and metals can be brought together with a gradual change from one material to another.

Diamorph AB (publ) has developed graded materials for applications in which there is a need for different material characteristics in the same component.


Our FGM Portfolio

Tungsten carbide to steel
Making tungsten carbide weldable eliminates the need for brazing and opens up for new applications.

Aluminium oxide to stainless steel
Combining a corrosion resistant metal with a hard and wear resistant ceramic results in a material suitable for harsh conditions when a component is exposed to wear in a corrosive environment.

Zirconium oxide to stainless steel
In this FGM, Diamorph AB (publ) has combined stainless steel with a high-toughness ceramic. 

Titanium to titanium diboride
Diamorph AB (publ) explored the use of this FGM for applications in ballistic protection.

Polymer to metal
A metal which gradually transforms to a polymer produces an insulating surface of the metal component.

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